Sheryl L. Ross Photography
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About Sheryl

My passion as a photographer is to reveal in my images what is often hidden in real life. I strive to capture the essence of a living being or an event, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. I want my images to be beautiful but more than that, I want them to evoke powerful emotions. If I can achieve that, I feel that I have succeeded.

I have been taking pictures all of my adult life; I am passionate about horses and greyhounds. I ride every day and I compete actively as an amateur in the equestrian sport of dressage. My two greyhounds - rescues from greyhound racing tracks - accompany me to the barn every morning. My first profession was as a hunter-jumper equestrian trainer and judge, which I did for 10 years.

I also have more than 15 years experience in marketing for technology companies, having worked for Intuit and Sun Microsystems among others. I made the switch from high tech marketing to photography in 2004. I hope you enjoy my work and that one-day we can work together to capture the extraordinary in your life or work.

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